It Starts With Integrity 

Humility and integrity are two important values in the company. H. Clay "Hap" Kellogg is the third generation of his family to serve as president and CEO of Kellogg Garden Products.

While the family-run business has grown over those three generations, Hap remains faithful to the core values introduced by his grandfather and father before him."We help people grow beautiful gardens organically," he explains. "In the process, we're supporting people in their desire to be healthier and create a better place to live. Having a servant's heart is a big part of our company.  

In addition to being effective, the company ensures that Kellogg products are truly and certifiably organic, as defined by the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) and not merely a label on the packaging. "When we claim our products are organic, we need to have integrity in that statement," says Hap. "And so do our partners.

It's not enough to simply say 'trust us.' We have a tremendous responsibility to have two reputable, independent third-parties hold us accountable for maintaining stringent federal standards put in place to protect the food chain and ensure our customers' safety." For Hap, operating with integrity isn't just a business responsibility, it's a moral one.

"Running this business is the best way God can use me to influence the world around me in positive ways. I turn to the spiritual and moral values from the Bible not only as a guide in my personal life, but as a guide to operating our family's business with integrity, honesty and humility."