Why Choose Us? 

Because We're Incredibly Passionate About Our Planet And People!

The Kellogg family first established Kellogg Supply, Inc. in 1925. Over the years, we have maintained quality in both product and service, which has permitted us to expand along with a growing market. In turn, this has enabled Kellogg Supply to become the employer of a growing number of people in our community.

It is important to the Company that our employees find their work here both satisfying and rewarding. At Kellogg Supply, we recognize that every job in our Company is important. Every employee is an important member of the organization. Individually, our employees are given the opportunity to make a difference. Collectively, our employees all work together to make a difference on a global level.


Attracting and retaining good people is essential to our strategy of success. The management at Kellogg Supply demonstrates this recognition through its attitude of courtesy and respect toward all of the Company’s personnel. Our vitality depends on the quality of our employees and we put every effort into ensuring we hire talented, qualified professionals and provide them with opportunities for advancement in all aspects of their professional lives.

Our Company is part of a very competitive industry. To survive and grow, creating more jobs and better opportunities, it is essential that we be highly efficient in both our work habits and in the use of materials. Accordingly, it is expected that the team effort in this regard will be the very best. A conscientious effort on all parts will, we believe, assure that Kellogg Supply will continue as a significant member of the industry.