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Our Story

During the early 1920s while surveying the Santa Ana River, H. Clay Kellogg, observed the luxuriant growth of vegetation along the riverbanks resulting from discharged sewage sludge.  Applied to his home yard and garden produced similar favorable results.  Over time, he drew many inquiries as to his ability to maintain such a beautiful yard.  As a consequence he decided to start a business selling sewage sludge.

The post-World War II homebuilding boom created additional opportunities for the company, and it made its first acquisition in 1953. Two years later the company commenced operations on Sepulveda Boulevard in the City of Carson, CA. By the late 1990s, products were in distribution throughout California from Carson, Ontario and Sacramento. In 2000, Northern California operations were moved to a manufacturing facility in Lockeford. Subsequent expansion necessitated the establishment of sales and distribution hub in Longview, Washington. Today, Kellogg’s geographic footprint continues to expand beyond the western U.S. 

Late in 2012, the Company saw opportunities in adjacent product categories and was able to acquire three businesses: H&I Agritech holds patents on an organic fungicide sold in agricultural and retail settings; Organic Laboratories produces liquid insect and disease control products and plant nutrients; and Organic Control markets beneficial insects. These businesses operate as independents, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Kellogg Supply.

In 2015, marketing and sales functions were formally recognized as “Kellogg Garden Products”, separate and distinct from operations and administrative functions, which continue as “Kellogg Supply, Inc.” The “Garden Products” name more closely defines our identity to retailers and consumers.

The culture of Kellogg is manifest in its vision—to nurture 10 million gardens annually—its mission—helping people grow beautiful and healthy gardens, organically—and its values—operating our business with integrity and humility. We appreciate your joining us and extend you a sincere “Welcome Aboard.”